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Postdoctoral Fellowship for Statistical Analysis of Single Molecule Imaging Data

The laboratories of Keith Lidke (Physics) and Diane Lidke (Pathology) have an immediate opening for a post-doc position in the area of statistical analysis of single molecule imaging data. The main focus of the collaboration is in the study of cell signal transduction through the integration of cell biology, biochemistry, biophysics and high-resolution imaging. The candidate should have a background and understanding of statistical analysis and information-theoretic concepts, such as maximum likelihood estimation, hidden Markov models, and Bayesian inference. It is desired that the candidate have experience working with image data, particularly with single molecule fluorescence imaging. The candidate must have programming experience with MATLAB, c, and ideally GPU based programming using CUDA or OpenCL. Candidate must be willing to work closely with other students and post-docs on a variety of projects. The successful candidate will join a vibrant, interdisciplinary environment with many opportunities.

Relevant publications:

  1. Cutler PJ, Malik MD, Liu S, Byars JM, Lidke DS, and Lidke, KA (2013) Multi-Color Quantum Dot Tracking Using a High-Speed Hyperspectral Line-Scanning Microscope. PLoS ONE 8(5): e64320.
  2. Smith, C.S., N. Joseph, B. Rieger, and K.A. Lidke, Fast, single-molecule localization that achieves theoretically minimum uncertainty. Nature Methods, 2010. 7(5): p. 373-U52.
  3. S. T. Low-Nam, K. A. Lidke, P. J. Cutler, R. C. Roovers, P. M. P. van Bergen en Henegouwen, B. S. Wilson, and D. S. Lidke, ErbB1 dimerization is promoted by domain co-confinement and stabilized by ligand binding, Nature Structural & Molecular Biology 18, 1244–9 (2011).

Direct inquiries to: Diane S. Lidke, Ph.D., Keith A. Lidke, Ph.D.