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Tools for Image Storage, Sharing and Processing

OMERO image

Image Credit: Open Microscopy Group

OMERO is client-server software for visualization, management and analysis of biological microscope images. It provides a secure, central repository for your imaging and experimental data while allowing users to import, organize, browse, view, process, and export images. It also supports tagged indexing and annotation with notes, results files, experimental protocols and other relevant data. Data can be easily and securely accessed from campus using the OMERO clients, or remotely via the web.

The STMC maintains an OMERO server that can be accessed for the storage, processing and sharing of all types of image data.

Baseline information she will need includes:

  • A list of individuals in their group who will upload, process and analyze image data, and if these individuals currently have an HSC NetID
  • Grant support

An estimate of the amount of storage needed is very helpful, but not required.

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